Joy Parks


Joy Parks began her career as a reporter for a small weekly newspaper. Following graduation from an honours BFA program in creative writing, she wrote articles, reviews and essays for news and cultural publications and worked as an editor and marketer in the publishing industry. Seduced by the advertising and marketing profession, she became an advertising copywriter, working for several agencies and in-house departments, and running her own creative services company, supplying a long list of agency and direct clients with copywriting and creative concepts. In this role, she spent a lot of time trying to convince both the creative directors she worked for and the clients she served that it was important to communicate with customers even when they didn’t want to sell them something. Long before the Internet, she talked about building communities of customers through communications that offered information of value. But it wasn’t until she stumbled upon marketers like David Meerman Scott and Joe Pulizzi that she realized that all along, she’d been talking about branded content. Only back then, it had been called “advertorials” and available in print only.

Joy has written advertising and marketing communications, for both print and online vehicles, for clients in a range of sectors including technology and telecommunications, retail, healthcare, and educational and cultural institutions. Her articles have appeared in magazines in Canada, the U.S. and Britain, and several large North American dailies. More relevant to this blog, she has written branded content for two retail grocery chains, insurance firms, a department store, charitable agencies, Canada’s postal administration, healthcare organizations and both commercial and residential real estate firms.  She has also helped clients like a large department store chain experiment with social media. She wants all companies that provide communications services to clients—whether online or via conventional media—to recognize the value of including branded content and social media in the mix.

Commercial/Marketing/Branded Content Portfolio

Editorial Portfolio


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