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And a child shall lead us …

In content communities on February 21, 2010 at 1:01 pm

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine bought her six-year-old daughter a Webkinz™ stuffed toy. Not knowing much about the Webkinz phenomenon and the amazing online content that Ganz™ has created as part of the Webkinz play experience, she didn’t notice that this particular toy was missing its online secret access code.

Her daughter certainly did. After all, she had access to the rich viral network of Webkinz info found on the grade one recess yard. The little girl patiently explained to her mother that without those magic numbers, the Webkinz was “just a stuffed animal.” Then she went next door to play with a friend who could unlock the site.

Eventually, the toy was paired up with its code and restored to its full play value to the delight of both the mother and the little girl. But what I found interesting was how fully this six-year-old understood that the online content was an essential part of the toy—that it wasn’t just an add-on, but intrinsic to the play experience.

It’s a fact that bodes well for the future of branded content and its creators.